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Exchanges and refunds

Help with cancellations If your train has been cancelled or if we advised you to postpone your trip, you can exchange your ticket for another train or request a refund. If you are requesting a refund: If you purchased your tickets directly with Eurostar, all you have to do is fill in the form and our team will process it for you as quickly as possible. If you purchased your tickets elsewhere, please contact your point of sale to make further enquiries. If you would like to make an exchange to your booking, you can do this via the Manage a booking section of

If exchanges are available via this form you will see the exchange option below. Please note: you don’t need to complete this form if a member of our team has already changed your ticket. If you request an exchange but we cannot find availability for the time requested, please be aware that we will change your ticket for the next available train, which may be the next day.

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Please make sure to include the country code (e.g. for UK number +447100100100). We’ll use this to call you in case there are any issues with your refund or exchange.

This should be 6-characters long, and you’ll find this on your ticket or booking confirmation. All travellers on this booking will have their tickets refunded or exchanged at the same time.